Can your Business Go Green and Stay Great? Our “Committed Label” has the Answer for You

Is your business thinking of reducing its environmental impact? What internal systems have been put in place to achieve this ideal? Will going green affect your bottom line?


These may all seem like overwhelmingly questions especially if you have never considered doing so before or if you are looking to take your first steps towards going green with your business. So where do you start?


As you may know, much of our environmental impact comes from our food system (for instance, 25 to 33% of CO2 emissions is from food production). These impacts occur during the entire food system process, from the production all the way to getting the food to your plate and even after your meal is over. Now given the extent of the damages our food system does to the environment, why not start by reducing your environmental impact through food?


At Fooducoin,  a food delivery service for households and businesses in the Plateau Mont-Royal, offers a “Committed Label” for your business to provide practical and actionable solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of your business from all stages of the food production process. How does this label work?



When your business obtains the “Committed Label”– a certification that will be publicized by us to let other businesses and the local community know of your commitments — you will uphold these following actions:

  • will not order napkins and only use recyclable and biodegradable containers;
  • implement a waste disposal system at your office to discard waste in the appropriate waste disposal bins.


On our part, Fooducoin will make sure that your positive contributions don’t only happen at the consumption stage, but also all throughout the food production process.


Fooducoin, as the middleman between the producer and the consumer, does its part by offering a zero carbon delivery service as we deliver your food by bike. Fooducoin also limits the usage of non-recyclable and disposal containers and is a founding member of “Réseau contre le Gaspillage Alimentaire” (RÉGAL).


When you order from us at, you will be ordering from a selection of some of the best restaurants in the Plateau Mont-Royal that must follow our mandatory Charter of Values. By adopting this charter, these restaurants commit to:


  • ensuring that they use recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging;
  • a waste disposal system similar to the one your business will have with the “Committed Label”;
  • offer a viable source of protein in each of our restaurants’ menus;
  • Work with local producers, guaranteeing as much as possible that their produce avoids travelling long distances (so it reduces its carbon emissions and stays fresher).



Now this may all sound very appealing but worthless if doing your part by purchasing the “Committed Label”affects your bottom line. So what is the cost of the “Committed Label”?


Answer: it is absolutely free.


In addition to getting 3.50$ off every order with the“Committed Label”, you will be certain that placing orders at Fooducoin will take your business in the right direction towards going green with no costs.


Get the label now at

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