Why our Restaurants are Committed?

In 2016, a study by the Association des restaurateurs du Quebec (ARQ) revealed that on average, out of 100 restaurants that open in Montreal, 44 will close after three years, 30 after five years and 15 after ten years.


This alarming figure motivated us to create Fooducoin, now known as the triooo: in an ultra-competitive context, our delivery service set highlighting the work of independent restaurant owners and use our service as a vehicle to send their message to the community as our mission.


Since day one, Fooducoin, now triooo, had promised to select only the “crown jewels” of its neighborhood. Rather than having 10 restaurants working with us, why not just work with the best in Plateau-Mont-Royal?

Source: https://fooducoin.com/blog/en-savoir-plus-sur-les-belles-soeurs/


This ranking was of course set with our community. The “Foos” from the corner recommended some establishments that we took the care to solicit.


In order to stick to our civic commitment, and to highlight the good practices of our partnering restaurant owners, we decided instead to structure our selection of restaurants based on a charter of values we developed. This charter includes the following:



  • The restaurant uses only recyclable or compostable containers


The triooo restaurants deliver their dishes to engaged gourmets: as part of our initiative “Committed Entreprise Label “, we make sure that the containers delivered  are discarded correctly. One of our prerogatives is to require restaurants to use containers that can have a second life.


  • The restaurant correctly sorts its waste


According to the ARQ, a restaurant produces an average of 11.5 tons of waste per year. Ensuring that this waste is properly disposed of is a necessary commitment.


  • The restaurant works with local actors whenever possible


Triooo lists dozens of contacts in the sustainable food sector to its network. Our goal: connect our restaurants with these actors to create a circular economy. The commitment of the restaurateur: to be receptive to this effort and to prioritize for instance Bec Cola over Coca Cola.


  • The restaurant offers at least one vegetarian option on their menu


It is no longer a secret: one calorie of beef consumed requires 160 times more land and emits 11 times more greenhouse gases than one potato calorie, rice or wheat (see Guardian article on this). Hence, Triooo lunch boxes include a mandatory vegetarian option.


Day after day, the restaurants of the triooo network contribute to the implementation of these initiatives. Because we believe that every act counts, we will continue to promote their actions for our environment.

   Find our partnering restaurants at Fooducoin.com
or on their respective websites.

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